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What actual customers think about the amazing Doc Milo Herbal Pain Relief Balm.

Amanda was in a car accident...
Anthony is an active veteran.
Kaleigh is a competitive power lifter.
Debbie had hand and arm pain from playing her harp
Gina Marie, a massage therapist, uses it on her clients and for her own pain.
Rick can now get on the floor and play with his grand daughter after a horrific accident over 10 years ago.
Steve is a cyclist who uses it on his legs and for tennis elbow.
Coach Andrew is a gym owner who swears by this stuff! 
Kirstin is a cancer survivor, who is very careful about what she puts on and in her body. Especially: petroleum products which may be carcinogenic.
Shannon is a busy mom who needs quick relief from literally juggling her kids.
Ronnie is a foot reflexologist...

Debbie discovered it works for shingles pain
"It’s magic! My daughter fractured her ankle during a race at the track meet a few months ago. When we met with the orthopedic specialist, we were told it would take most likely 4-6 weeks to heal. With the help of Jen Milus and her amazing foot bath and balm, my daughter was back out on the track and competing again within 3 weeks. The foot bath and balm not only sped up the healing process it also helped with the pain as well. It was amazing to watch how my daughter from being on crutches was able to fully walk on her injured foot within a few days. Thank you Jen!"
Jenny Barron

"I have noticeable swelling in my left foot from my sciatica, when I soak in the same product it worked so good.  Now this new balm allows me to have that same reduction in a product on the go.  It smells wonderful and tropical 🌴❤️. I recommend this to anyone that wants a move active lifestyle as a go to for your health and healing ❤️‍🩹 .  I love the size cause I can carry it in my purse or gym bag. When I apply it no unpleasant odor. It makes me forget my injury 🤯 !"
April Chapman

"I LOVE this balm!  It provides almost instant relief to any spot I use it on. Very effective. It feels clean, smells wonderful and is my go-to for achy joints, sore muscles, swollen spots and bruises!!"
Michelle Boss