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How you can avoid Whiplash

Avoiding whiplash car wreck with police motorcycle

As more and more people travel during the summer, so do the number of accidents and injuries. So here's a quick tip to help you avoid Whiplash if you are in an accident.

When driving, keep your headrest high, the top, above the top of your head. Always sit with your head against the headrest, in stop-and-go traffic, and at stop lights. The Prevents the WHIP of Whiplash should you be rear-ended.

If you catch a glimpse of someone bearing down on you? Look straight forward, and push your head hard into the headrest until all impacts are complete. If you are not severely injured, you may or may not feel something until later.

Go home, use your balm on your neck and back, and follow with precisely 20 minutes of ice.

Then, be sure to call your doctor in the morning.